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Emanuel P. Caras & Associates offer Expert Witness consultation  services relating to such issues as Structural Failure/Compromise,  Construction/Contracting anomalies and/or short comings,  Architecture/Landscaping Design and ADA Accessibility and Compliance issues.

An architectural expert witness serves the court and the case by  providing expert opinions and testimony on very specific and detailed  items of architectural or construction import. Whether the item in  question is the slipperiness of a surface, the height of a guardrail,  the adequacy of a certain level of illumination or the wording of a  construction contract, an architectural expert witness can often shed  strong light on otherwise gray areas. He can often guide the court  through the thicket of architectural and construction minutiae.

Emanuel P. Caras & Associates provide professional and proven  success as expert witness, consultants in depositions and personal  testimony in and around the New York Metropolitan area and nationwide.