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 Why hire an architect, do I really need one? Architects are  professionals trained in the art, engineering and history of building  and environmental design. They are skilled at coming up with inventive  ideas to solve complex design problems  and at making sure your project is true to itself and your needs,  aesthetically (whether it’s classical or original in styling). A  complicated project with lots of roof lines really benefits from an  architect’s vision and ability to visualize ideas three-dimensionally.  So does an older home where you want to extend the existing historic  look to new work. The owner, architect, and general contractor work  closely together to meet deadlines and budget. Emanuel P. Caras, A.I.A.  and his talented staff, can provide creative/realistic design solutions  and detailed construction floor plans for all of your contractor(s) to  execute additions, residential remodeling and commercial development.  These Drawings, possibly a model and/or a computer generated rendering  may help you to visualize your conceptual idea(s) as a finished product  as well as providing construction documents to help see you successfully  through the proposed construction, permitting, inspection and Final  Certificate of Occupancy/Compliance process.