Emanuel P. Caras + Associates' staff offer a broad spectrum of high quality Professional Architectural and Consultation/Management Services, including but not limited to LEED Certification (s) and your project's performance standards and any compliance studies during construction, Green Redesigns, Renovations Alterations and expansion possibility of your existing residential, Restaurant and/or Commercial/Retail space(s). In addition we also specialize in Planning and/or Zoning Board of Appeals/Variances, Arbitration and Expert Witness, Litigation prep and defense consultation services as wellarchitect_2" width="255"/> as our N.Y.S./N.Y.C. Building and Fire Code Enforcement, review(s) and compliance services. 

Architecture Services


  • Contractor's Coordination/Supervision
  • Green Design & LEED Certification (s)
  • Lawyer's Litigation,Prep/Consultation
  • Expert Witness & Court Appearances
  • Interior Designs and/or Alterations
  • Code Enforcement & Interpretations
  • Landscape Architecture-Design/Build 

 Architects are trained in environmental and personal space design and construction theory, history, engineering and project management. A professional design solution for your project along with a set of code-compliant plans will cost from $125 to more than $250 per hour (rates vary by region and the economic health of the building industry). If you want the architect to manage the project solicit bids, choose the contractor and subcontractors, control money and oversee work, he/she might charge on average 10 to 15 percent of the gross construction cost. We, however, pride ourselves on offering our Professional Consultations on an upset fee basis, whereby after our identifying/qualifying the client's/customer's need and evaluating the subject space(s), they will know from the very onset what the maximum fee for the project might be - we might/would modify the fee if the scope of work is expanded and/or is changed, by the clients and/or the Inspecting Authorities (Local Building/Zoning Departments and/or Local/State Building Codes) during the course of the project's life (Design and/or Construction phase) and before the end of the project and/or the (C.O.) Certificate of Occupancy or Compliance is issued.