Code Enforcement & Interpretation

Emanuel P. Caras & Associates Principal and staff provide Code Enforcement, Zoning & Building Code Interpretation consultation services for Individuals, Corporations and Government clients. Providing expert advise, inspection services and/or testimony for Code Enforcement & architect_commercialInterpretation allows Emanuel P. Caras & Associates to perform and/or coordinate explosion and fire investigations in residential, commercial, manufactured and modular homes, auto, watercraft and related product failure issues. Emanuel P. Caras & Associates also provides analysis, building and fire code review and related case review for litigation support providing expert witness testimony. Emanuel P. Caras & Associates conducts comprehensive physical inspections of involved residential and commercial structures to verify fire and building code compliance and provide expert documentation of the affected scene. Emanuel P. Caras & Associates provides expert witness testimony in personal injury, Real Estate, criminal and civil depositions and trials.