Emanuel P Caras, A.I.A. and his talented staff provide consulting and analytical services to Insurance Companies, Attorneys and individuals - their law firms ancourtroom_1d legal representatives with respect to defending and/or litigating needs for Construction, Fire and/or Personal Injury cases and mitigation, cause and origin, after action and restoration plans and/or reports. He also specializes in the review and analysis of any Architectural Services Agreement(s) and/or arbitration needs. If you are seeking an expert in "applied physics" as a consultant in your arbitration/litigation undertakings as a result of a third party suit and/or structural collapse and/or compromise of your building and or building component you should contact our office immediately.  If you have or will be entering into an Architectural Contract for the Design of any high performance building and/or are in need of advise, you should seek an expert to review your contracts. We are available for in-house and/or courtroom consultation(s) for your litigation and/or defense preparation and/or expert witness needs.