Emanuel P. Caras & Associates

Emanuel P. Caras & Associates

"Architects, like most successful service providers, are really good translators/interpreters of user's needs, and must be great and patient listeners and even better interviewers. A good/successful work product meets the requirements of the client's needs/desires, while blending just the right mix of art, engineering and environmental psychology within a realistic and affordable budget."

Emanuel P. Caras, A.I.A.

Emanuel P. Caras, a community-minded leader/advocate, is a well known and respected Westchester Architect, planner, arbitrator and construction manager with well over 30 years of comprehensive high-end design and construction management experience. His projects, no matter how small or large, are executed with professional pride and extreme care for his clients and their specific needs. Emanuel P. Caras, A.I.A., believes that Architecture is an art form meant to be lived in modified and experienced, one that responds well to his clients' needs, specific uses, wallets and, most of all, their strong aesthetic sense of their personal space(s) and environment.

The professional services of Westchester Architect Emanuel P. Caras & Associates's firm includes renovations, alterations/additions, interiors, landscape design, historic preservation, restoration/re-adaption and/or specific detailing needs for home and business owners; legalization and arbitration consultations for contractors, realtors and lawyers with a specific talent and proven track record for/with Architectural Forensics, Casualty, fire and/or Arson investigation and reconstruction after-action reports and analysis and Expert Witness Testimony and/or consultation(s) with/for Attorneys and/or Insurance companies-prosecuting and/or defending a case or claim

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